Buyer Guide

Navigating The Process

Finding The Perfect Home

Meet With Us

Discuss the type of home you're looking for including style, price, location, lifestyle and much more.

The Buyer's Advantage

As the home buyer, our commission is paid by the seller of the home in almost all circumstances. This means your representation costs you nothing!

Get Pre-Approved

You will need pay stubs, T4s, and bank statements. Knowing what you can afford is critical to a successful home shopping experience.

Search for Homes

The fun part! We will schedule showings and help you find the perfect home.

Advanced Search

Not all real estate websites are the same. We have tools and systems to ensure you see every available home that meets your criteria.

Make an Offer

We will prepare your offer based on the price and terms you choose.

Negotiation and Contract

It may take a few tries to get it just right, but hang in there. You're on your way!

The Contract

In most cases the contract provides you with a timeline to obtain financing as well as time to inspect the physical condition of the home. We will inform you of all your rights and responsibilities related to the contract.

Condition Period

This is usually 10-14 business days, giving us time to complete the financing, property inspection, condo doc review (if applicable), and any other buyer conditions we ask for.

Prepare for Closing

You'll meet with the lawyer of your choice (we have recommendations) to review final documents! We'll also arrange a "pre-possession" walk through 24-48 hours prior to possession day to ensure the property is the same as when we first viewed it (condition, appliances present, etc). *If there are any issues, we have time to work with the sellers (agent/lawyer) for a resolution.


Possession Day, the Big Day! The lawyers have completed their part and keys get released! We will meet you at the property and hand over the keys to YOUR NEW HOME!